Shulamit Elson

Tools for Joyful Living

MediSounds offers the MediSounds®  Meditation Process digitally. Vocalized by Shulamit, MediSounds are delivered effectively, simply and inexpensively through devices such as smart phones, tablets, ipods etc.. …Read more …

The Great Octave Foundation brings the benefits of the MediSounds Process to groups of individuals seeking relief from trauma and illness. The Great Octave Foundation also offers a free live online MediSounds Meditation every month.
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The Art of Forgiveness

MediSounds® Meditation ~ A Kabbalistic Approach

Experience the profound transformative power of MediSounds Meditation to promote joy and fulfillment through self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others.

The art of forgiveness resides first and foremost in cultivating genuine compassion toward ourselves. Forgiveness arises naturally and easily once we have true compassion for our own being, which enables us to leave behind negative emotions such as self-recrimination, resentment and self-doubt.  

Founded on ancient Kabbalah-based teachings about the power of vocal sounds, MediSounds Meditation is a life changing tool that greatly assists in the cultivation of compassion. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice the vocal sound for compassion.

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.


In October 2018, Shulamit will offer Jewish Chanting and Sound Meditation as part of  The Braided Way’s 2018 Retreat.
Special pricing available for registering before September 1st. 

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The Great Octave Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of  Sound Pharmacy: a new website with free audio streaming of unique and soothing MediSounds for those who have suffered trauma and loss.  Enjoy a brief respite from worry and care.
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Shulamit is pleased to announce the publication of an article, The Path of the Mystic: Kabbalists and Shamans in the Braided Way magazine. To read the article in digital form click here.