MediSounds Apps



Shulamit is proud to announce “MediSounds for Sleep” and “Snap Nap App” for the iPhone. These are available through the Apple App store. Android versions will be available at a later date. 


To find the MediSounds for Sleep app, simply enter “MediSounds” and “Sleep” into the Apple app store search bar.

To find the Snap Nap app, simply enter Snap Nap into the Apple app store search bar. 

MediSounds for Sleep and Snap Nap were recorded at Soundtrack studios in New York City under the direction of John Kiehl, co-founder of Soundtrack and engineered by Scott Cannizzaro.

MediSounds for Sleep and Snap Nap use specific vocal sounds based on the MediSounds meditation system to release distracting and agitating thoughts, allowing you to gently fall into restful and restorative nap or sleep.

Please enjoy, email us your comments, write a review and tell a friend.