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MediSounds® Meditations

The MediSounds Meditation Process quiets the mind, bringing serenity and clarity. It systematically dissolves self-delusions, and awakens the peerless gifts of inner peace and joyous living. It has wide applications and is used by seekers in all walks of life because of its simplicity and its power.


Shulamit talks about her personal journey and the development of her sound meditations.

Shamanic/Kabbalistic Healing Sessions
with Shulamit

Shulamit is offering Shamanic-Kabbalistic healing sessions by telephone. Shulamit uses her vocal gift to access the wisdom and healing of the higher worlds to inform your understanding and enhance your life.

Please contact for details and to schedule an appointment.

“I experienced profound calm and peacefulness during my Shamanic healing session with Shulamit. This continued for days after, and there was a detectable improvement in my Parkinson’s hand tremor. What seems especially important is my definite attitude shift. Because of the supportive energy that I felt during the session, I have begun to stop blaming myself for my illness, stopped feeling victimized, and I am ready and eager to continue on my healing journey. With Shulamit’s help I am committed to use my illness as an opportunity to gain new insights and wisdom. I am very blessed to have had this experience.” RG Arizona


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Shulamit now writes for the renowned online site, MEDIUM. Visit to read her articles.
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Shulamit has created specific healing tones for her CD, MediSounds: The Path to Wholeness. This powerful tool can help you deal with physical and mental challenges, including illness, trauma, pain and anxiety, as well as an aid in the promotion of general well being. Learn more…