The SoundPrayer ® Process:
Finding Inner Peace and Connection

s-01Presented by: Shulamit Elson

Sponsor: Romemu and The Great Octave Foundation

What: An Experiential Introduction to Kabbalah-based Sound Meditation and Self Awareness Practices.

When: March 20, 2013, 7:oo PM

Where: Upper West Side NYC. Register at or call at 212-580-4294 extension 1. The  location will provided at time of registration.

Fees: The Introductory session will be offered free of charge through the generous support of The Great Octave Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

About the Teaching:

What is the SoundPrayer Process?

The SoundPrayer Process is a powerful meditational system of unique sacred sounds made with your own voice, plus a self-awareness practice. The work is based on teachings from the 13th Century writings of Rabbi Gikatilla, retooled for the 21st Century by Shulamit Elson.

Each of the 10 vocal sound that comprise the SoundPrayer Process has a specific vibrational characteristic that draws on the power of 10 distinct emanations located in a specific pattern on the human body (Adam Kadmon). This pattern forms what is known in Kabbalah as the Tree of Life.

The SoundPrayer Process provides an immediate connection to the Mysteries and to an abundant reality, reminding the practitioner of their essential nature and their place in the Universe.

The Teaching

The SoundPrayer Process consists of 10 sounds. In this Introduction, we will practice one sound from the Central Column of the Tree of Life.

In this introductory session, Shulamit Elson, creator of the SoundPrayer Process will lead us in wordless chants that make no attempt to persuade, convince, or convey concepts or instruction.

In simple terms, SoundPrayer bypasses the barriers and walls that separate us from our higher self, from one another, and from the joy and mystery of life, thereby connecting us to the strong and vibrant center within each of us.

In addition, to sustain the higher vibration that we experience when we intone the sacred sounds, we must also work to elevate our lives in the here and now. The tool for this elevation is self-knowledge gained through a powerful non-judgmental self-observation practice.

It is a scientific postulate (the Heisenberg “uncertainty principle”) that the simple act of observation, in and of itself, alters essential characteristics of that which is observed. During this introduction, we will have an opportunity to implement this self-observation practice in our lives. We can then experience for ourselves how we can change long held behaviors and thought patterns and reorient our ego to its rightful place.

The Benefits

The SoundPrayer Process “speaks” to our inner being and reaches beyond the ordinary, allowing us to experience a supportive embrace and to receive the blessings of connection, purpose and love.

The Sources

The SoundPrayer Process is based on:

  • An ancient understanding of the powers and mysteries of sound and its basis in Torah as described in Rabbi Gikatilla’s 13th century book. Sefer HaNikud (the Book of the Vowel Points);
  • The knowledge contained in Jewish wisdom, which teaches that the path to increased connection with our higher self and to God is through our thoughts, speech and action.

About the Presenter

Shulamit Elson, MA, is the creator of the SoundPrayer ® Process and the MediSounds® Process. She is the director of the SoulSongs School and The Great Octave Foundation. For the past 15 years, she has taught SoundPrayer and MediSounds to seekers worldwide, in workshops, via live webinars and in private sessions.

She also works through the not-for-profit Great Octave Foundation with groups including US war veterans, parents of children with cancer at the NY Ronald McDonald House, AIDs patients, and adults and children in Israel.

She is author of Kabbalah of Prayer – Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, and CDs Beyond Words ~ Sacred Sounds of the Tree of Life, and Vibration, a CD in collaboration with the Tibetan Drepung Gomang Monks.

Shulamit was formerly a Wall Street executive…..she is now a revered spiritual teacher.

Praise for Shulamit Elson

“Very powerful and at the same time soothing.”
~ Praise from renowned Kabbalah scholar Daniel Matt regarding Shulamit’s audio CD, MediSounds ~ The Path to Wholeness.

“No mystical tradition better explores the intersecting mysteries of human character and divine presence than the medieval Kabbalah and no writer offers a better primer on its contemporary practice and understanding than Shulamit Elson.”
~ Bruce Chilton, Executive Director, Institute of Advanced Theology, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion, Bard College.

“Shulamit is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today. Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients.”
~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Weill-Medical College of Cornell University, author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence

“Guided by Shulamit Elson and her grounded teaching, SoundPrayer ® has become a tangible and powerful organizing pillar of my daily life. The regular practice of SoundPrayer continues to deepen my connection to myself, to those most important in my life, to humanity, and to God.”
~ David, MD 

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