MediSounds® Articles by Shulamit Elson


1- Why should we forgive?
2- How to forgive

It is very difficult to forgive but the rewards for doing so are enormous.

As we all know, we can spend years, even decades, caught in the web of our suffering, and our anger, unable to find a way out of the grievous harm done us.

Sometimes we refuse to forgive. It feels as if justice will not be served, the injurer will “ get away” with what they have done. Moreover, how will we then relate to our victimizer if we release them? Will we have to talk to them, to like them?

For those seeking retribution picking at our scabs to make sure the wound does not heal, we sleep with one eye open and live our lives with a part of ourselves caught in bitterness and regret. All of our relationships are tainted and constrained, especially the relationship to ourselves.

A wounded victim can never get enough payback, and if he/she keeps seeking satisfaction, the wound becomes the organizing principle of the individual or collective consciousness.

The victim more often than not suffers long after the original wound, while the perpetrator’s mind is often free of regret.

But how to forgive?

Forgiveness essentially means letting go, cutting the ties that link our fates to our victimizer. Mostly we don’t even know how to go about it, even when we recognize that resentment and anger are eating at us and negatively influencing our lives.

It is very difficult to forgive, however necessary it is for both individual happiness and communal well-being.

While it is difficult to convince yourself to let it go, forgiveness can nevertheless be achieved with far less strain and confusion than we imagine. An effective method for freeing ourselves from the persistent clutches of anger, and the desire to even the score is the consistent practice of compassion, which can be learned. Forgiveness then emerges simply as a by-product of compassion.

In the course of a lifetime we each are capable of doing terrible things in a state of ignorance and blindness. We must see ourselves for what we are and what we have done, recognize that others, can do these same terrible things. We must recognize their humanity–their ability to do bad and good — and recognize these potentialities in ourselves. This recognition and kindness to ourselves and others, this acceptance of our own humanity and the humanity of the others, starts the process of Grace.

Compassion recognizes our shared human condition, our tendency to error and bad action arising out of ignorance and anger. A review of our own misdeeds allows us to be kinder in our judgement of others, indeed to be kinder about ourselves.

And what are the rewards?

Compassion releases you from the negative attachment to the one who caused you pain, as well as to the pain itself. You may not have noticed how much mental and physical exertion is tied up in your anger, but you will notice the release –the relaxation, a surge of energy, a freedom of thought and action that refocuses the attention from the past, and places it on the present where your attention properly belongs.

Forgiveness then follows simply and easily.

The practice of compassion does not mean that you have to feel affection toward the one who harmed you. In fact, compassion allows you to see clearly and do what is necessary. In other words, judgement and holding on to anger is replaced by the ability to see clearly (discrimination) and by detachment, (the ability to see the truth but feel no hatred).

Recognizing error and being kind about it, detaches us emotionally from the grievance, the aggriever and from being aggrieved. This is a deep and complete release, for it arises from the recognition of our own humanity and the humanity of the other. This is a deep kind of forgiveness, for it arises from the recognition of our own humanity and the humanity of the other.

Compassion is the highest form of wisdom.

How to go about it?

Compassion can be achieved through properly directed thought at the offender and the offense. Whenever the thought of pain and or vindictiveness arises, stop for a moment, see the offender as a human being, filled with their own dilemmas, look at yourself and your confusions and pour kindness on the two of you –for your suffering and for the blindness of the other.

Generating compassion can be helped by self observation and through the consistent practice of MediSounds vibrations.

If you wish to learn how to practice the Sound for compassion, to raise your vibratory awareness write me at Your name will be added to our mailing list for announcements.

You may also read my book Kabbalah of Prayer Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, for a full series of MediSounds practices.

This practice will enhance all of your relationships and change your life for the better, in the moment as well as over the long term.

MediSounds Sound Meditation: GENERATING COMPASSION

MediSounds® Sound Meditation for COMPASSION
(adapted from Kabbalah of Prayer, Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey, by Shulamit Elson, Lindesfarne Books ©2004)

We all deal with a lot of stress. We are also really hard on ourselves, holding ourselves to impossible standards’ In addition, we often have difficulty forgiving others. All of this takes a toll, on our health, our careers and on our relationships. We risk bitterness and regret when we are disappointed, when all we want is to live fully and lovingly.

MediSounds Compassion Meditation is:

• A wordless reminder to treat ourselves a whole lot better, to recognize and accept our own humanity and the humanity of others.

• A process that reminds us we are part of something greater than the sum of our own problems.

• A process that releases us from an attachment to those who caused us pain, as well as to the pain itself, bringing energy and freedom of thought and action. This results in a deep kind of forgiveness, for it comes from the recognition of our own humanity and the humanity of the other.

Compassion is the highest form of wisdom. If practiced consistently, it will change your life, bringing comfort through a felt sense of connection to a greater reality, and better relationships in your daily interactions.

The MediSounds Sound Meditation Compassion Process and Practice ©2004:

1- Compassion for the Self

• Close your eyes and observe one or two minutes of silence. Concentrate on the inhalations and exhalations of your breath through your nose as you relax your body. Without holding your breath or prolonging your exhalation, allow yourself to become aware of the “space” between breathing in and out.

• Keeping your eyes closed, place your hand over your heart, and make the sound of AH. Project the sound through your heart center, as if it were your mouth, If you are projecting and pitching the sound correctly, you will feel a vibration underneath your hand.

• Now, make the sound of “AH” three times, sending the sound effortlessly through your heart center. Focus on generating compassion for yourself. By intending to sound your sound through your heart, as if it were your mouth, you will automatically find the right pitch. Make each “AH” sound for only as long as it seems natural for your breath.

As you make each sound remember to keep your intention focused on generating compassion for yourself.

Remember, we cannot experience compassion for others unless we are compassionate to ourselves.


2- Compassion for Loved Ones

• Make another three “AH” sounds, still directing them through your heart center. This time keep your focus on generating compassion toward a specific individual or group you know who could use support and love.


3- Compassion for Those Who Bring Difficulty

Make another three “AH” sounds concentrating on sending your sounds through your heart, but this time keep your intention directed toward generating compassion toward an individual or group that is personally causing you difficulty. You may notice that with this intention in mind, your “AH” sound may have a different tone. This is not unusual and will not detract from the power of the sound.


4- Compassion for All

• Once more, make three “AH” sounds through your heart center. This time keep your focus on generating compassion toward all living beings, as well as the universe itself.


5- Compassion for the Self

• Finish your MediSounds practice by once more sending the “AH” sound through your heart center three times, focusing once again on generating compassion for yourself.


General Instructions:

Do not force your voice. Only make the sounds as long as your breath lasts, without tiring yourself.

Sit straight, feet on the floor. If you sitting with your feet tucked, best to do that on the floor, so a portion of your body will have contact with the ground.

Begin by developing a practice of sounding 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. Over time, you can increase the number of sounds that you make during each of the five parts of this prayer.

After the MediSounds Meditation:


• Stand up, rotate your head from side to side slowly.
• Rotate your shoulders backwards and then forwards.
• Take your hands above your head and slowly move them down the back of your body, 3X.
• Take your hands above your head and slowly more them down the front of your body. 3X.
• Touch your toes.

Have a glass of water.

More about MediSounds Meditation

What is MediSounds?MediSounds is a practice wherein you use your voice to produce meditative states. These states effect spiritual, physical, mental ,and emotional well-being.

MediSounds is a process which employs the intoning of specific wordless sounds, to calm the mind and body and bring the practitioner to center and to a felt sense of connection.

MediSounds is composed of two elements: breath and voice. We are all aware of the power of breath to calm and center ‘take a deep breath.” We are less aware of the transformative power of the individual human voice when combined with human intentionality.

Although frequently underestimated, the human voice has consciousness within it and can exercise considerable power over states of mind and body, (physical pain and mental states) increasing loving responses and even providing access to blissful spiritual states.

What is MediSounds based on?MediSounds is founded on the universal teachings found in the 13th century mystical masterpiece The Zohar, and is further underscored on the modern scientific understanding of the nature of vibration.

It is non denominational and does not require religious belief to be effective.

Why does MediSounds work?Vibration is the foundation of the universe. Poetically put: everything that exists is vibration manifested. The form of every existing being or thing is determined by the length and frequency of its resonance.

MediSounds allows the practitioner the ability to connect the vibratory power of his or her voice with the universal vibration that underscores all creation.

By using our intentionality and our breath we can focus our consciousness on a specific sound and energetic centers and resonate with the universal forces on which our life is based.

Could you elaborate? I understand in theory, but how does vibration act in the scheme of things? Why is science excited by it?The stars vibrate the earth vibrates and we vibrate.

Astronomers can now record the song of distant stars, scientists can record the vibrations of the earth, (the schumann resonance.); MIT researchers looking for new was to understand the health of cells measured the frequency at which red blood cells vibrate.

How do MediSounds work?Think about it: We place our voice over our breath The voice, the instrument of human expression is placed over the breath, the universal enlivening attribute.

It is said that sound created the world, a sentiment echoed by all the major religions.

The breath is mysterious. When you think about it the breath is pretty weird. Where does it come from? Where does it go? We need it to live, but it is with us as long as we live, so we usually just ignore it. While most of us take our the autonomic body systems for granted, we can also make the voice conscious and use this force of the breath to enlighten us.

When you combine intention with your voice , voice that is powered by breath, we connect our will to the power of the universe.


MediSounds for Sleep


Do you envy the way most babies sleep? It is fair to say, that sleepy toddlers are not being kept awake planning their next career move, or thinking about all the things they need to accomplish tomorrow, or worrying about all the things they forgot to do during the day.

On the other hand, millions of us around the world go to bed with minds still in overdrive, thoughts racing, and day-time concerns still front and center. As a result, the precious sleep we need is kept far beyond our reach. The reality is that the modern world around us is reeling, and at bedtime so are our thoughts.

Some sleep experts also believe that much of the restlessness that keeps us awake at night is an evolutionary remnant of a time in which we needed to be alert and awake to ward off imminent physical danger. While at this point in human history, we’ve pretty much gotten the “wild animals” under control, we may still instinctively think we are threatened.

Fortunately, there is a simple meditative system that has the potential to literally stop your mind from thinking, period… stop each and every one of the thoughts that keep us up at night, without effort, and without having to “think” about it…..and now it’s available in the form of an App for the IPhone called MediSounds For Sleep, with an Android version on its way.

Part of a long tradition of “sound healing,” MediSounds® is a powerful meditative system founded on the modern scientific principles of Superstring theory, and ancient teachings from 13th century writings retooled for the 21st century. It consists of simply listening to different sets of unique tones, without words, made with the human voice.

The human voice has consciousness in it, and the MediSounds For Sleep App offers specific vocal tones, made with intention, that can powerfully and effectively turn off the internal conversations we are having with ourselves at night. Once these conversations are stopped, the deep sleep we need comes naturally and without effort.

The frequencies and vibrations of sound have long been understood to have an enormous effect on the human mind and body, and the frequencies and vibrations of the human voice are perhaps the most powerful.

A quote often attributed to Nikola Tesla instructs us that: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Many people are finding that the MediSounds Sleep App is a secret worth discovering.