Praise for MediSounds®

“J.  finished his treatment. He had some difficult times with the last chemos but in general, he did great!  MediSounds helped him a lot. I am so happy that I found you.”

~ PE, Mexico


 “I am a stroke survivor and have been using MediSounds to facilitate equilibrium during emotionally turbulent times and it has been very effective. I also use the sounds as a healing method: I pay attention to a specific part of my body or being that I desire to heal and then I point the sound directly at a specific part of my body. I seem to have developed an affinity for the “OH“ sound which seems to be just right for me. Thank you so much for making this available to us.”

~ Neil Cooper, NJ



“If you are willing to give yourself the opportunity Medisounds will reveal how close you are to the Universe which is widely denied to exist.  You do not have to believe in anything except your ability to make the sounds, to be patient with your practice, and, most important, to hear as you connect with the unseen.  Yes, it requires that you work, that you invest energy and commitment, but the rewards will surprise, then delight you and help you regain a self you did not know has always been present.” 

~ J. Rubinstein,  New York


  “Confronting a challenging business situation, the work with Shulamit and MediSounds produced clarity and peace of mind, integral to my finding successful solutions.” 

~ Ron Andruff, professional hockey player Montreal Canadiens (retired)


“Shulamit is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today. Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients.”

~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Weill-Medical College of Cornell University,
former Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center,

author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence


  “My daughter dissociated from parts of her body at an early age and regressed to a withdrawn child-like personality in later life. But, as an adult, when she began to listen daily to Shulamit’s MediSounds, the sounds gently penetrate the cocoon she has built, and they have brought the warmth of the sun into the core of her being like nothing else can or does.”

~ Leila R.


  “As a person who suffers the effects of post traumatic stress, I found the Sound Healing Meditation to be very effective in helping me relax. Thank you.”

~ Julie, US Marine, Retired, Semper Fi, Sacramento, CA


  “When I first came back from Vietnam I slept with a gun under my pillow for a long time. Gradually as I utilized the sound practice, the anxiety and dread began to dissipate, and within a short period of time, through the continued use of sound I was able to not feel the desire to sleep with the gun under my pillow.”

~ Raymond, Vietnam Veteran


  “As a person who suffers the effects of post traumatic stress, I found the Sound Healing Meditation to be very effective in helping With the use of MediSounds I went from an overwhelmed cancer victim to an empowered self-healer. From tears and fear to courage and hope.  I am stronger, more aware and enjoying life.  MediSounds immediately gave me mental clarity, physical vitality and, most importantly, a feeling of being more in control of my cancer. With Shulamit’s guidance, I am finding peace within myself.”

~ Christine A. California