Working with Shulamit has allowed me to connect the dots in the physical and spiritual realms. Just noticing where I get stuck is an important practice and helpful. Her journey on my behalf connected me to the key components of my true self. Integrated, healthy, strong, surrounded by helpers, and full of compassion. I am here to live joyfully through my life’s purpose and am grateful for the time spent with Shulamit. ~ PS, Ohio

Shulamit, you are truly amazing! My psoriasis is almost completely gone! Thank you.
~ AL, New York

I have been a student of Shulamit Elson’s teachings for over 2 decades (and her neighbor for several years). She has consistently exhibited a profound sense of being rooted to the earth, kindness, compassion, authenticity, generosity of spirit  and an uncanny accuracy in her intuitive abilities. Shulamit approaches situations with equanimity & deep insight. She explains her technique well and makes self-discovery an attainable endeavor. It is a pleasure spending time with Shulamit & a gift to be in her presence.
~ JK, Arizona

Thank you for the wonderful workshop last month … I got exactly what I needed, which was the impetus to experiment with the sounds, nearly every day. I’ve been sending the AH sound all over, the OO sound to my beleaguered left hip, the EE sound to my right hip for contrast.  Also the OH sound to my solar plexus, and the AY and OO sounds to finish up….I’m fascinated with the way my body feels the vibration of the sounds, and I know that amazing things are happening. My sciatica is better, and I’m loving feeling it from inside.  Slowly, my left hip is receiving more sound, more vibration….I’m noticing a tendency to overtones, and I’m liking that as well.
~ WW , Stone Ridge, NY

Thank you for the amazing experience, it was a true gift from the universe. It was an honor to meet and I will keep spreading the word about Shulamit’s amazing healing practices.
~ KS , Moscow, Russia

I want to thank you on behalf of the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community and myself for your presentation yesterday. I heard so much positive feedback from both people I know and people I did not know. I myself was deeply moved by your personal story, and affected deeply by the sounds. I am delighted that you shared your wisdom with us! With love and gratitude, Cornelia
~ Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community, NY

Thank you for sharing MediSounds at the Braided Way Retreat.  When we did the group sounds I constantly saw moving colors and have been translating it with paint to a canvas! It is quite different from what I usually do. I am grateful for the inspiration.
~ MM, Ohio

Shulamit, I want to express my deep gratitude for all that you brought to our retreat weekend. It was so marvelous to get to know you and to spend time with you. I was thrilled and inspired by your presentations. You presence, composure, wisdom and polish were more than I imagined. I knew you were like our “key note presenter,” and I was so proud of your presentation.
~ Michael Olin-Hitt

Shulamit is a wise and humble teacher. Her gift is sound meditation, a twofold process which puts into practice both meditation and observation. Sound meditation is a practice in becoming. By articulating specific sounds and combinations of sounds during my meditation practice, I begin to integrate, align, and heal on deep spiritual levels. My practice becomes an exercise in compassion, forgiveness, and peace. This practice becomes one of intentionality, for myself or some one else, a significant relationship, or situation. To complement sound meditation the observation practice shines a light on areas that block spiritual growth. A daily and moment-to-moment practice, I must be keenly aware of the thoughts and actions that impede my spiritual maturation. This is a practice that not only challenges myself but has also challenged my most significant relationships. This work urges me to grow and expand, to lift my vibrations inward and upward! And what better way to lift vibrations than with the gift of SOUND! After a year’s work I have evolved to live more freely, completely, and honestly, in each and every moment, to truly feel deeply!

In a nutshell, SOUND MEDITATION helps me to be more conscious and more effective in my daily life with an energy vibration that upbuilds others and myself! Could it be, I’m “walking with God?”

~ DD, Rochester, NY

Shulamit is a compassionate and effective teacher and healer. For many years, I had emotional and energetic blockages that were impeding my spiritual growth. These blockages persisted despite my best efforts and the work of many skilled meditation teachers, self-help group sponsors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, physicians, acupuncturists, herbalists, and nutritionists. But Shulamit helped me clear those stubborn blockages. After working individually with Shulamit and practicing Sound Prayer regularly for several months, I feel a subtle but profound internal shift, a grounded sense of connection to life that I was craving. I’m confident I can finally make the spiritual progress I’ve been working towards for decades.
~ Mike, New York

Shulamit is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today. Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients.
~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Weill-Medical College of Cornell University, former Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence

J.  finished his treatment. He had some difficult times with the last chemos but in general, he did great!  MediSounds helped him a lot. I am so happy that I found you. 
~ PE, Mexico

“If you are willing to give yourself the opportunity, Medisounds will reveal how close you are to the Universe which is widely denied to exist.  You do not have to believe in anything except your ability to make the sounds, to be patient with your practice, and, most important, to hear as you connect with the unseen.  Yes, it requires that you work, that you invest energy and commitment, but the rewards will surprise, then delight you and help you regain a self you did not know has always been present.”
~ J. Rubinstein,  New York

I am a stroke survivor and have been using MediSounds to facilitate equilibrium during emotionally turbulent times and it has been very affective. I also use the sounds as a healing method: I pay attention to a specific part of my body or being that I desire to heal and then I point the sound directly at a specific part of my body. I seem to have developed an affinity for the “OH“ sound which seems to be just right for me. Thank you so much for making this available to us.
~ Neil Cooper, NJ

Working with Shulamit & MediSounds has helped me touch & heal inner places that were inaccessible by other methods.  The healing process has been gentle, compassionate and liberating. I have grown in ways that I could not have imagined, but am very grateful for.
~ Jenny, Retired, Texas

We contacted Shulamit because we were searching for a path to further our spiritual growth. Our sessions with Shulamit gave us the tools we were seeking in order to do this. MediSounds made us more aware of ourselves as an integral part of the universe. It also placed us firmly in our lives. It is a practice that we now use daily and it creates a sense of calm and wellness, both physically and mentally. We learned the art of self observation in discussions with Shulamit about problems that we were encountering in our daily lives. One of the main tools Shulamit taught was to be non judging in our observations of ourselves. Her insights into this process were based on her own experiences, and her compassion and warmth during the discussions made the process enjoyable and fulfilling. We came away from our sessions with Shulamit feeling that we now had tools to assist us on our spiritual path as well as solving problems in our daily life. Thank you Shulamit.
~ Private group member, Los Gatos CA

Shulamit Elson is a down-to-earth teacher with a profound experience of the spiritual path. Her way of working very soon instilled in me a deep feeling of trust. What she offers is no “fast food” kabbalah recipe, but a responsible and emphatic dialogue based on her deep intuitive insights into the spiritual worlds and the psyche of the student. I’m glad to have found a qualified and authentic teacher leading me gently to my true inner Self.
~ MF, Switzerland 

Guided by Shulamit Elson and her grounded teaching, MediSounds® has become a tangible and powerful organizing pillar of my daily life. The regular practice of MediSounds continues to deepen my connection to myself, to those most important in my life, to humanity, and to God.
~ David, MD, Maryland

Since we work together I started to see more clear, to respect and even honor my humanity. I started to accept that it’s not wrong to mistake. Duality it isn’t wrong, nor right, just the way it is. Ah!!!!
~ Pamela, Model, Chile

My work with Shulamit has taken me from doubt, indecision and inner turmoil to a place of certainty, balance and inner peace. It is a work of sacred sounds – beyond words – that call to the full expression of the soul. Through MediSounds am grateful to serve as an instrument for inner and global peace.
~ Leila, Florida

In what has been a fairly short space of time, I have found the combination of MediSounds, Soulsongs and self-observation to have been a powerful combination for taking me rapidly out of my rather stuck state of self-pity and allowing me to see the way forward to being a human being in better balance and able to fulfill my life’s purpose with more clarity, with a sense of joy and excitement once again.
~ Richard, Acupuncturist, England

Shulamit asked me in one of our sessions: How do you go for comfort when the body no longer offers it and leaves you feeling betrayed by the very thing you’ve counted on? This statement deeply effected me because of its truth. It has only been through the sounds and the sound meditation that I have felt a higher, deeper comfort offered. I don’t know where it comes from and can honestly say that I don’t completely understand but none the less—feel!
~ Sonya, Artist, British Columbia

Most of the participants at Shulamit’s presentation commented on how calm and connected they felt after participating in the sound therapy session. Many of them related a feeling of being much more relaxed and less anxious. We are looking forward to having her visit us again to work more with our facility and our guests who are in crisis. ~ Resource Recovery Center of Orange County, March 2023 Newsletter