Painting by Shulamit Elson

When a beloved is ill,  you want to do everything, anything to help change the outcome. 

Finding the right kind of medical help is of course a priority. 

Providing the emotional equivalent of chicken soup and fluffing pillows is essential. 

Laughter and joking is enormously healing.

All well and good.  But where is the CURE??

Doctors have a cure for some blood diseases, but you have to be able to survive the cure, which in our case was a bone marrow transplant — the statistics are not such that you can relax, now or long term. 

My formula:  trust in the doctors with eyes wide open, verify what you can, remember you are dealing with mere mortals, not gods, accept what cannot be changed, and  be cheerful — you can always fall apart in private.  

And to that list I add the most critical: faith, prayer and meditation.

Prayer calls on heavenly helpers. And meditation opens us to receiving any gifts that might be showered on us.

I resolved to try to find a path that would lead me to more powerful energies than I had been able to access to date.  Certainly there were benefits to what I had done so far (see my last post) but I was hoping for something deeper. Metaphorically I had to go higher.

The only tools at my disposal were the same tools I always had — my intention and whatever groundwork had been laid for spiritual connections over the 20 plus years I had been following a spiritual path.

I decided to work at 5AM New York time, coinciding with 2AM California time. 

I sat in a space where distractions were at a minimum, and alerted my husband (fast asleep anyway) not to disturb.  I removed the phones (unlikely to ring at this hour).  I took care to rid myself of any expectations.  I set my intention to find heavenly help and visualized leaving my body and following a path on a country road. At the horizon there was a small stone cottage.

In my mind’s eye, I entered the modest cottage, passing through a small bare anteroom to a room furnished only with a bare wooden table and a few chairs.

I sat and waited. Soon two Beings entered, and introduced themselves as Raphael and Gideon. Raphael sat across from me; Gideon silent in the corner.

Immediately to business. The message: 

Your daughter will recover, but to live she will need to listen to her soul, and obey its command. 

She must do the work for which she has been created. 

Your life and her life are intertwined;
and even when apart for long periods of time, one life informs the other.  

You will travel this path together.

At the precise moment of my vision my daughter in California was awakened from a deep sleep; She would later tell me that she felt a golden light above her head, descending into her body.  This was more than a vision;  It was a felt experience, of joy and of sustenance.