Shulamit offers a pathway to personal healing and inner transformation through the SoulSongs® School. She works one-on-one with students to develop a powerful self-guided non-denominational spiritual practice that slowly and methodically awakens consciousness.

The SoulSongs® School uses the MediSounds® process focused on developing simple, yet powerful skills.These skills enable an awakening to your authentic innately joyous self and allow you to experience a felt sense of connection, inner peace and a deepening sense of meaning and purpose.


“If the Mongols could convert to Buddhism then anything is possible.” ~ Shulamit Elson


Vibrational Toning

There is great power in the human voice, the power to transform consciousness.

You can achieve internal balance by joining the spiritual and earthly aspects of your nature through the power of SoulSongs® sacred sound and vocalized vibration.

MediSounds employs vibrational tones, which are made with our own voices. When these SoulSongs are directed, with intention, to specific areas of our bodies, and our spirit, we experience a higher reality. This reality is extremely supportive and offers great beauty and peace of mind.  SoulSongs are based on sacred texts and draw on the vibrational  power of the Universe. These powers are described in the teachings of Kabbalah on the Mysteries of the Tree of Life.

For further background, please read Shulamit’s book: Kabbalah of Prayer, Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey available on Amazon


Focused, disciplined, self-observation practices produce a clarity that dissolves self-defeating behaviors. This clarity allows you to act in your own self-interest, and in the interests of others, with compassion and inner wisdom.

Our own everyday thoughts, speech, and action, observed without analysis and judgement, frees us from second-hand interpretation and instructs us as to our own resonant truth.

These observations are conducted as we go about our daily lives and awareness emerges without relying on a retreat from everyday activities.

Gradually, through consistent compassionate practice, we clear our energies of self-limiting preoccupations and gain the great gift of self-knowledge.

Once we are freed from pursuing other peoples’ dreams and dispense with false smiles, we can experience our authentic self, and live from a place of greater freedom and joy.

“For as the material of the carpenter is wood, of a statuary, bronze; 
so of the art of living, the material is each person’s own life.”  
~ Epictetus, 55 – 135 AD


Shulamit accepts a limited number of students.  The Individuals who become students commit to a minimum one-year course of study and a daily practice.

In-person and on-line sessions are available.

“The one who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men”

~The Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha