SoulSongs® is proud to offer MediSounds®  meditation, a system created by  the founder of SoulSongs, Shulamit Elson. 

MediSounds® is a meditative system based on ancient teachings about the power of the human voice to create unique sounds that can transform how we think, feel and act.

Throughout history, and across a multitude of cultures, it has long been understood that certain unique vibrations made by the human voice are especially powerful and possess an extraordinary ability to influence our existence.

At one time or another we have all felt the effects of nature’s sounds or the rhythm and melody of musical compositions. Everything that exists vibrates, and the pure vibratory nature of sound is what makes it such a powerful force. 

MediSounds are specially designed to calm your mind, improve your ability to concentrate and increase your receptivity to new ideas and concepts.

SoulSongs®  offers MediSounds Sound Meditation worldwide.
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