About Shulamit Elson

Shulamit Elson is a spiritual teacher, sacred sound practitioner, writer and mentor whose work has taken her throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Holy Land.

Through her study of ancient mysteries and her personal practice, Shulamit has found that the human voice has great power—not only for swaying opinions or expressing love, but also for activating our deepest consciousness. She offers this gift of vibration through her voice and teaching.

Shulamit’s MediSounds® methodology, rooted in 13th-century mysticism, teaches spiritual journeyers to activate the power of their own voices to experience benevolent and healing universal forces. Practitioners recover purpose and a felt sense of connection to sustaining mysteries.

Shulamit was raised in a strict religious community which she left behind early. She earned a master’s degree from New York University and worked with firms such as Sandoz Inc. and Hill & Knowlton. As president of her own consulting firm, Shulamit also advised on communication and organizational development for companies such as Ford Motor Company and US Lines. A long illness propelled her to look for a deeper meaning to her life and spurred her on a spiritual path. 

At age 40, while working at a Wall Street investment bank, Shulamit suddenly began receiving Sounds during meditation. Although she did not understand their purpose or effects, she sensed their power. Nothing in her secular or religious education had prepared her for this. The Sounds lacked logic or dogma; she simply felt compelled to practice them.

The more Shulamit persisted in practice, the more the sounds revealed their secrets. Her gifts of insight deepened. Her spiritual path began to bring great personal reward. She left the corporate path to devote herself to studying and teaching MediSounds worldwide. What began as a gift from the heavens turned out to have a ancient roots, hidden in the oral and written tradition of the mysticism, in books such as the Zohar.

In 2004, Shulamit wrote Kabbalah of Prayer: Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey. She also has presented MediSounds at the United States Capitol, at a Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center conference, at Omega and Esalen, and at gatherings worldwide. Through her company MediSounds, she develops apps that help people sleep and reduce stress. Through her SoulSongs School she works with private students who are seeking spiritual connection, and through her non-profit The Great Octave Foundation, she teaches MediSounds to the general public.