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MEDISOUNDS® ~ The Path to Wholeness


Shulamit Elson’s CD, MediSounds ~ The Path to Wholeness, is a powerful tool to help deal with physical and mental challenges, including illness, trauma, pain and anxiety, as well as an aid in the promotion of general well being.

MediSounds are pure vibration; they are meditative in nature, producing a state of deep relaxation, and a profound sense of being in control of your life.

The healing sounds speak to your inner self, reaching beyond the everyday to give you the experience of a compassionate and supportive embrace.

“Shulamit is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today. Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients.”
~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Weill-Medical College of Cornell University, former Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center,  author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence

You are encouraged to listen to the entire CD as often as you like, as well as to identify the tracks that “speak” to you the most. Each of the 10 tracks has been created with a specific intention, and each contains unique vocal sounds with distinct vibratory qualities that act on your mind and body without words or speech.

MediSounds: The Path to Wholeness Tracks:
Remembering ~ Clarity ~ Release from Fear ~ Calm Seas ~ Release from Pain ~ Certainty ~ Acceptance ~ Connection ~ Resolution ~ Wholeness

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KABBALAH OF PRAYER ~ Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey


In this remarkable, groundbreaking book, Shulamit Elson writes with eloquence and authority about our soul’s journey, our place in the universe, and our relationship to God through prayer.

This is a practical book that gives individual exercises as well as offering help on meeting specific challenges, including spiritual struggles, feelings of meaninglessness, and harsh self-judgment, as well as illness, fear, and anxiety.


“No mystical tradition better explores the intersecting mysteries of human character and divine presence than the medieval Kabbalah and no writer offers a better primer in its contemporary practice and understanding than Shulamit Elson.” 

~ Bruce Chilton, Director,  Institute of Advanced Theology
Bernard Iddings Bell, Professor of Religion, Bard College

“Accessible as well as deeply engaging. This wonderful book is universal in its expression and appeal and is of value to followers of any spiritual path.”
~Swami Atamarupananda, Ramakrishna Order, Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely

“One of the clearest distillations of Jewish spiritual teaching I have ever read. Rather than shine light on Kabbalah from outside; Shulamit Elson shines a light that illuminates the Kabbalah from within.”
~ Rabbi Jonathon Kligler

For a Glossary of Terms from KABBALAH OF PRAYER plus free audios of the pronunciations, click here.

This book is available for purchase in print and in electronic form.

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BEYOND WORDS ~ Sacred Sounds of the Tree of Life CD


This CD will take you on a wonderful journey of self awareness and inner awakening.

As you listen to the sacred vocal sounds on this powerful new CD you will be reminded of your reason for being and your unique and individual purpose in the world.

“Very powerful, and at the same time soothing.”

~ Daniel Matt, Translator of The Zohar (Pritzker Edition)

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BROOKLYN BODHISATTVAS ~ A Book of Visions and Kabballistic Poetry

Brooklyn Bodhisattvas – A Book of Visions and Kabballistic Poetry is a collection of 64 exceptional poems written by Shulamit Elson.

Shulamit’s poetry brings to written form the wisdom and enlightened vision of her spiritual teachings. (The title poem of this book is included in the anthology Broken Lands, published by New York University Press.)


“These poems are a joy to read. They bring you home, again and again, to truth you knew but forgot. They’re about living in what is true and real. The goal is daunting, and yet each poem is a refreshing, familiar taste of being there, a place one already knows. It’s not only possible but simple and within reach. Shulamit’s voice is, wise, aware, often dispassionate, funny. It hits dead center and then goes on. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” ~ Anonymous

“Brooklyn Bodhisattvas has to have been composed by a Bodhisattva. It’s spiritually uplifting and visionary lines illuminate the place you have been lifted from. Magnificent!” ~ Harold Akrongold

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