MediSounds® Overview

The MediSounds® Meditation Process quiets the mind, bringing serenity and clarity. It systematically dissolves self-delusions, and awakens the peerless gifts of inner peace and joyous living. It has wide applications and is used by seekers in all walks of life because of its simplicity and its power.

MediSounds can be incorporated into your daily routine easily and simply, helping you to maintain equilibrium, and give you better control over your mind and body. As you become less reactive to the unessential, you will have more energy to be responsive to the things that support your competence, your happiness and your well being.

MediSounds are directed toward our bodies and its various energy centers to achieve very specific results: e.g. meditative calm, sleep, napping, relaxation, creativity, improved relationships, putting ideas into practice, and as support for patients undergoing chemo and other illnesses.

The human voice has consciousness in it -- hence its effectiveness. MediSounds are vocalized through the gifted and unique voice of Shulamit Elson. 

"Shulamit Elson is one of the foremost practitioners of sound-voice therapy in the world today.
Her talent is matched by an equally deep sense of compassion for her clients."
~ Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Weill-Medical College of Cornell University,
former Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center,
author of Sounds of Healing and Healing Essence

MediSounds are streamed free in our monthly online webcast and in our SoundPharmacy site. They can also be purchased on a CD, as mp3s, and as iPhone apps. Please click on an image below to learn more about each category.